The HOSPICE Mission
Here at HOSPICE we believe in palliative care as a Human Right



We change the lives of those who live with an incurable disease, by care and compassion, unconditionally offered, with the purpose of offering dignity and hope.


Our vision is that, in Romania, all patients that suffer from incurable diseases benefit from adequate palliative services at the right time, so they can live every moment of their lives with dignity, amongst their beloved ones.


We offer professional care and dedication to children and adults living with an incurable disease. We also develop palliative care at a national and international level by information, education, consultancy and law improvement.

Palliative Care for Children

The life expectation of children affected by incurable diseases is different from case to case. This is why the Palliative Care for Children can extend over many years. The care time varies a lot, from days to months, or years. This, along with the multiple disabilities of most child patients leads to the exhaustion of the family. One of the main aspects that Children Palliative Care covers is the help that the family receives in dealing with the child’s disease for a long time.

The care unit is represented by the family. This is why support for the whole family is mandatory. Also, ensuring the education for the sick children is essential, as it is their legal right. The purpose of the Children Palliative Care team is to include and mediate the family’s relationship with the school system and also to make sure that the rights of children are respected.