The therapy services of the day centre of Copăceni are conceived so that they can ensure the holistic care of the beneficiary children and their families.

The services are addressed for the patient children and also to their parents and siblings.

The services are conceived being based on the 4 pilons of palliative care: psychological support, spiritual support, medical care and social assistance.

For therapies, our programmes include:

  1. socio-recreational activities in the day centre
  2. occupational therapy
  3. relaxation activities for spare time (day trips, camps, museum visits, anniversaries, parties, etc)
  4. cognitive and aptitudinal stimulation by using different play techniques and methods
  5. psycho-pedagogical assistance (HOSPICE school)
  6. psychological counselling
  7. psycho-education
  8. intervention through technology (psychological or psycho-motrical therapies)
  9. social assistance
  10. spiritual support
  11. physiotherapy
  12. primary medical assistance

The care is done by complex intervention programs, personalized for each patient with consideration for each diagnostic, age, need, potential and development particularity. This is achieved by a multidisciplinary team.

THE CENTER – Casa Florescu

The Annex

The Annex adjoins the manor house and provides an “assessment unit” for children, a play therapy centre, a school for special needs and a sensory room, as well as a space for therapy through technology.

The Chapel

The Chapel Building was the first building to be restored and has been operational since 2013. It is currently serving as a venue for the HOSPICE summer trips for sick and bereaved children and volunteers from Romania and UK.

The Granary

The Granary was the second building from the centre that has gone through a restoration process. It can provide 6 accommodation units for families with a sick child who needs emergency accommodation.

The Barn

The Barn will house the education centre for health care professionals and family members and activity workshops for rehabilitation purposes.